Lecture Series:
Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine

When I was a new parent in the Waldorf educational system, I had difficulty living into the expectations of the teacher because I did not understand what she was talking about. This way of education was so different than anything I had ever known about school. Rhythm? Warmth? How many layers of wool is there supposed to be There was something more to the education that was seen on the surface.

Throughout this lecture series, we will discuss common child developmental issues that most of us will face in these school-aged years. There will be translation from what we know and experience as parents to the images and goals the teacher presents for the child. You will learn how to bring healthy patterns into you family rhythm so your child is best prepared for class and ready to learn. 

This ongoing FREE lecture series, "Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine", is a nine part series  divided into three blocks of three lectures each. The blocks are: Rhythm, Warmth, and Nutrition. 

Lecture #1  Rhythm: Sleep and cranial compressions
Lecture #2  Rhythm: Illness patterns and fevers
Lecture #3  Rhythm: Diet and Metabolism
Lecture #4  Warmth: Sleep, behavior and belly pain

Lecture #5 Warmth: Seasonal celebrations
Lecture #6 Warmth: Food prep, digestion
Lecture #7 Nutrition: Nasal health (Dr. Kyle Gambrell*)
Lecture #8 Nutrition: Food rotation
Lecture #9 Nutrition: Spiritualizing matter

* Dr. Kyle Gambrell is a board certified Ear, Nose and Throat specialist with a secondary board certification in Integrative Medicine. He has developed a protocol of nasal health. 

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