Inspirational Success Stories

I meet and talk to many people who have been affected by vaccines.
Their stories are inspirational and contribute to the collective data of my work and I find it important to share these stories with you.
Please check back occasionally for more stories.



Tom Iland was diagnosed with autism at 13, and has worked hard to achieve many of his goals: full-time employment, driving, living in his own apartment and having a girlfriend.

He has presented numerous workshops and trainings for: The Autism Society of Los Angeles, The Council of Exceptional Children, Future Horizons, The HELP Group, Autism Conferences of America, and Loyola-Marymount University just to name a few. He is also on the Board of Directors for a number of not-for-profit organizations including Autism Speaks, The Art of Autism, and Junior Chamber International. His public speaking skills have made him one of only about 4,000 Distinguished Toastmasters in the world!

For more about Tom’s story, you can visit his website at