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"Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine" lecture series, #8 Nutrition: Food Rotation

This ongoing FREE lecture series, "Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine", is a nine part series  divided into three blocks of three lectures each. The blocks are: Rhythm, Warmth, and Nutrition. We meet online on one Wednesday of the month at 9:00am through the Zoom video conferencing website. 

Pre-registration is required to attend. Please send an email to to register with the subject line "Intro to Anthro Med."

Lecture #1  Rhythm: Sleep and cranial compressions       September 19th 9:00am
Lecture #2  Rhythm: Illness patterns and fevers               October 18th 9:00am
Lecture #3  Rhythm: Diet and Metabolism                        November 15th 9:00am
Lecture #4  Warmth: Sleep, behavior and belly pain        December 13th 9:00am
Lecture #5 Warmth: Seasonal celebrations                      January 24th 9:00am
Lecture #6 Warmth: Food prep, digestion                        February 14th 9:00am
Lecture #7 Nutrition: Nasal health (Dr. Kyle Gambrell*)   March 21st 9:00am
Lecture #8 Nutrition: Food rotation                                  April 18th 9:00am
Lecture #9 Nutrition: Spiritualizing matter                       May 16th 9:00am

* Dr. Kyle Gambrell is a board certified Ear, Nose and Throat specialist with a secondary board certification in Integrative Medicine. He has developed a protocol of nasal health.