Upcoming Events

I am very passionate about children and their health and safety. My objective to to share my knowledge of pediatric holistic care and restoring health through biodynamic osteopathy and anthroposophical medicine. I offer Pediatric Osteopathic Treatment coupled with Food Allergy Testing to find and treat underlying triggers for diseases like asthma.

The world we live in is full of triggers that create illness and anxiety in our children and I have a lot to say about the subjects and issues surrounding these triggers in our culture. I am very active in the medical and my local communities, giving presentations, talks, and lectures addressing these various topics.

Here is a running schedule of upcoming local opportunities to learn more about Osteopathic and Anthroposophical Medicine. I hope to see you around town!

Past Events

VACCINATION NATION: Conform or Get Out! Interactive lecture by Dr. Debra Gambrell, D.O.
January 13th, 7PM CST, at the Science Buzz CaféFrench Garden, Sebastopol, CA

VACCINE SAFETY, HISTORY AND SCIENCE Interactive lecture by Dr. Debra Gambrell, D.O.  
Mr. Elliott Freed will be joining, discussing his new book Vaccine Primer: An Inoculation
Wednesday, February 10th, 6PM, at Health First! Pharmacy, Windsor, CA.

VACCINE SAFETY Interview on KZST Radio as part of "Sonoma County's Talking." 
Sunday, February 14th, 6AM.  
For a replay please visit: https://soundcloud.com/trixie-gambrell/vaccine-safety-mp3

Building the Physical and Soul Forces in Preparation for Thinking by Dr. Susan Johnson, M.D., certified Waldorf teacher and Behavior and Developmental Pediatrician for 20+ years. 
Thursday, March 3rd, 6-8 pm, at Sunridge School - 7285 Hayden Street, Sebastopol, CA.

Autoimmune Disorder lecture by Dr. Debra Gambrell, D.O. Wednesday, July 20, 7:00pm at Main Stage West, Sebastopol, Ca.
If you were to educate your immune system, what curriculum would you choose? Starting before birth, the immune system is learning how to navigate challenges. How these challenges are presented load the system with knowledge. In order to pass the test, and avoid autoimmune disease and cancer, one must use a curriculum that gives a well-balanced immunological education.